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2024 HarborWalk Annual Meeting

Dan Pavlik

Nov 12, 2023

2024 Annual Meeting Details

2024 HarborWalk Annual Meeting

That time of year is upon us! If you have been following the minutes mailed out throughout the year, you know that the 2024 HarborWalk Annual Meeting is THIS TUESDAY, November 24th @ 6:30 PM!

We will be hosting this meeting in the Shipyard's Wardroom and virtually via Zoom! We want to accommodate as many of you as possible! Come get the latest updates on what is happening around HarborWalk! Meeting Agenda is listed below.

Join in-person at The Shipyards Wardroom or Virtually (Info below)

Time: Nov 14, 2023 6:30 PM

Zoom Meeting:

Meeting ID: 849 9561 2107 | Passcode: 301144

Meeting Agenda

  • Introduction

  • YTD 2023 Budget Review

  • HarborTalk Newsletter Highlights

  • Community Updates

  • Management Company Updates

  • Knez Updates

  • Community Partner Updates

  • Board Induction

  • Community Feedback

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