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Community Center to Re-Open January 3rd, 2023

Dan Pavlik

Jan 3, 2023

The Community Center will soft open January 3rd, 2023. Water service NOT restored.

Hey HarborWalk,

The Community Center will soft open starting January 3rd, 2023. Please note that work is still in progress and amenities will be limited.

Some items of mention for you:

  • The building currently does not have running water. Contractor will be on-site Tuesday, January 3rd to continue work. Service should be restored by EOW. This means the bathrooms are OUT OF SERVICE!

  • The two older treadmills are out of order. They were damaged in the flood and replacement equipment is being explored. Please DO NOT attempt to use.

  • There is a giant hole in the wall in the gym. Contractor is still working to patch and paint. Please exercise caution when around this area.

Thank you all for your continued patience as we work to get the Community Center operational. A lot of people experienced troubles with the recent weather so resources have been limited. We are working diligent to get this treasured asset available to residents once again.



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