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February Latest at HarborWalk! Minutes, HTNL, and more!

Dan Pavlik

Feb 19, 2024

Owner Lease form now available! And the latest HTNL and January Board Meeting Minutes

Hello everyone!

Beginning this month (February) those owners who rent their residence are going to be

asked to complete an online information link (Linked here.) and provide renter information along

with uploading a copy of the lease agreement for the property.

Our bylaws (page 31) outline the guidelines for leasing a residence. It is important that the

development has contact information of residents living at HarborWalk to keep them

informed and in case of an emergency.

We will ask this form and uploaded lease agreement to be completed by the end of May.

In addition, the latest copy of the HarborTalk Newsletter for the month of February is live! Check it out here!

Also, the meeting minutes from the January Board meeting can be found here.

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