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HarborWalk New Construction Blog

HarborWalk Community Association

May 8, 2023

Providing a recent update on the start of new construction here at HarborWalk!

 If you have traveled on Bascule Drive or along California Avenue, you may have seen some signs for new homes with Knez.  We have heard, once again, that the building of new homes is going to commence. We have been told that construction will begin in late March 2023.  The new home construction will begin with 4 detached single-family homes on Bascule Drive and the corner of Driftwood and California (see screenshot of city map below as well as location of Knez home signs).  The second phase will be a set of townhouses on one of the empty lots off of Shipyard Way (Sunset Avenue) (between Gale Drive and Harbor Lane).

Knez will have information regarding these new units at the Spitzer Marina office as well as in the Boiler Room at the Shipyards. The Association is also looking to obtain a copy of the information and have it down at the Community Center (we will be investing in an information board for this material) as well as available on the website.


The Board and EMS will be meeting in March with Knez and Spitzer to gather more information and will pass that information once we have more details.


Construction is underway on the 4 standalone home sites! They are making fast work of getting the sites dug and prepped for the upcoming major milestones in the construction process! We are all very thankful for the nice weather to help the crews keep moving forward!


Construction is slow but steady here at HarborWalk! We have the concrete foundation poured for one of the units! Its starting to look like a house! We can't wait to see the framing come in next! Still no concrete on the other dug lots yet, but I am sure they will be quickly behind!

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