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HarborWalk features a seasonal pool open to all residents and their guests. 

Pool Season: Memorial Day to Labor Day

Hours: 9A - 9P


Here at HarborWalk, we take pride in our community and all that it has to offer. In order to maintain our standard of living, we live by a few simple rules: laugh loud, have fun, and be respectful.

For your safety and others, please abide by the following pool rules:

  1. Pool gate shall be kept closed at all times. Do not open the gate for anyone.

  2. All residents/guests must have a keyfob for entry/exit.

  3. No more than 3 guests per household shall be allowed. Under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

  4. Proper swimwear is required. No cut-offs, jeans, infant diapers, etc.

  5. Alcohol & smoking is prohibited.

  6. Food & beverages must be contained in metal, paper, or plastic containers only. No glass.

  7. Pool users are not allowed in the party room or fitness center.

  8. Maintain reasonable volume. 

  9. Diving/flips are prohibited.

  10. Flotation devices that pose an obvious safety hazard are prohibited.

  11. Pets are prohibited within the fenced pool area.

  12. Leave the pool area in the same or better condition than when you arrived.

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